Founding Principles/Policies


The association shall aim to provide superior ophthalmic instruments for the advancement and healthy development of ophthalmology, and shall strive to improve eye health and quality of life for the world , and to contribute to society.

Association Policies

  1. Provide advanced, superior ophthalmic instruments to medical physicians for the advancement and healthy development of ophthalmology, and help improve eye health and quality of life in Japan.
  2. Work with ophthalmological associations such as the Japanese Ophthalmological Society and the Japan Ophthalmologists Association, and with those in charge of ophthalmology treatment to enlighten the importance of ophthalmology, and promote eye health in Japan.
  3. Work with the Japanese Ophthalmological Society and Japan Ophthalmologists Association to influence the government to work on advanced treatment, promote the research, development, and manufacture of revolutionary ophthalmic instruments, and work to ensure that these instruments can be used in clinical practices as soon as possible.
  4. Work with the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations, the government, and related industry associations to comply with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law.
  5. Obey the Fair Competition Code of the Medical Devices Industry in Japan, which aims to maintain fair competition in the industry based on business ethics, and disseminate related information.
  6. Provide information about the appropriate and safe use of medical instruments to healthcare providers working in ophthalmology at joint exhibitions held during the annual ophthalmology congress.


Major products and services of member companies
1. Ophthalmic testing instruments Funduscopic instruments, slit lamps, fundus cameras, perimeters, corneal measurements, visual acuity tests, etc.
2. Ophthalmic surgical instruments Cataract and vitreous surgery, keratorefractive surgery, laser photocoagulation, surgical microscopes, etc.
3. Surgical steel tools Eyelid specula, scalpels, tweezers, surgical sutures and suture needles, etc.
4. Others Intraocular lenses, contact lenses, perioperative drugs, filing systems, design and planning of medical facilities